Gratis kryptokurs

Telecomix erbjuder en tvådagars gratis kurs i darknets, onion routing, kryptografi, anonymitet och mer. Eventet kostar enbart pengar för företag. Eventet kommer att gå av stapeln på IT-universitetet i Göteborg.

Uppdatering: Det gäller den 17e juni och det är föredrag den 16 juni.

Troligtvis är det denna agenda som gäller:

Part 1 – Communication within a group

  • Anonymously with I2P
  • Real time, asynchronous
  • Goal: The students learn how to set up a forum or a blog at I2P/TOR. The student learns how to use I2P/TOR to browse to hidden websites anonymously. With this knowledge the student will be able to set up forums and blogs to communicate anonymously to others, almost entierly without the risk of any surveillance.

Part 2 – Hard disc encryption

  • The students learn how to use hard disc encryption to protect their private data in case the computers are taken.
  • The students are educated in what type of protection the programs gives them. How does one behave in order to avoid leaking information about oneself?

Part 3 – Publishing information on the internets

  • How to use TOR to access websites anonymously.
  • What type of information does the proxies forward to the servers? How do you minimize the risk of leaking information? How can the student know if he or she is anonymized or not?
  • How to chain proxies to TOR, in order to being able to access web sites that normally block traffic from the TOR exit nodes. (Privoxy chains)

Part 4 – Advanced

  • Setting up an anonymous e-mail address in I2P, and how to use GPG.
    • Understanding that if one sends mails to this e-mail from the unanonymized internets will reveal the identity of the sender.
  • Svartkast
  • How to crack WLANs
Jonas Lejon

Om Jonas Lejon

En av sveriges främsta experter inom cybersäkerhet. Kontakta mig gärna på telefonnummer 010 1889848 eller [email protected] om Er organisation behöver hjälp med cybersäkerhet. LinkedIn Twitter


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