John the Ripper

En ny version av lösenordsknäckningsprogrammet (JtR) finns nu ute i version 1.7.5 med följande förändringar och förbättringar:

* Support for the use of “–format” along with “–show” or “–make-charset” has been added.
* The choice of .rec and .log filenames for custom session names has been made more intuitive.
* A new numeric variable has been added to the word mangling rules engine: “p” for position of the character last found with the “/” or “%” commands.
* Support for “r” (character lists with repeats) and “p0″ (reference to the immediately preceding character list/range) has been added to the word mangling rules preprocessor.
* The undefined and undocumented behavior of some subtle word mangling rules preprocessor constructs has been changed to arguably be more sensible.
* Some bugs were fixed, most notably JtR crashing on no password hashes loaded (bug introduced in

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