John the Ripper ute i ny version

Lösenordsknäckningsverktyget (woh, långt ord) John the Ripper är nu ute i version 1.7.9. Största ändringen är att OMP-patcharna (OpenMP) nu finns med som standard.

Changelog enligt följande (engelska)

  • Added optional parallelization of the MD5-based crypt(3) code with OpenMP.
  • Added optional parallelization of the bitslice DES code with OpenMP.
  • Replaced the bitslice DES key setup algorithm with a faster one, which significantly improves performance at LM hashes, as well as at DES-based crypt(3) hashes when there’s just one salt (or very few salts).
  • Optimized the DES S-box x86-64 (16-register SSE2) assembly code.
  • Added support for 10-character DES-based tripcodes (not optimized yet).
  • Added support for the “$2y$” prefix of bcrypt hashes.
  • Added two more hash table sizes (16M and 128M entries) for faster processing of very large numbers of hashes per salt (over 1M).
  • Added two pre-defined external mode variables: “abort” and “status”, which let an external mode request the current cracking session to be aborted or the status line to be displayed, respectively.
  • Made some minor optimizations to external mode function calls and virtual machine implementation of John the Ripper.
  • The “–make-charset” option now uses floating-point rather than 64-bit integer operations, which allows for larger CHARSET_settings in params.h.
  • Added runtime detection of Intel AVX and AMD XOP instruction set extensions, with optional fallback to an alternate program binary.
  • In OpenMP-enabled builds, added support for fallback to a non-OpenMP build when the requested thread count is 1.
  • Added relbench, a Perl script to compare two “john –test” benchmark runs, such as for different machines, “make” targets, C compilers, optimization options, or/and versions of John the Ripper.
  • Additional public lists of “top N passwords” have been merged into the bundled common passwords list, and some insufficiently common passwords were removed from the list.

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