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Kryptoanalys med Cube

Den välkände kryptogurun Adi Shamir gav under konferensen Crypto 2008 en föreläsning om en ny typ av kryptoattack som kallas för ”Cube”. Cube kan användas för att angripa block- och strömkrypton.

Abstract. Almost any cryptographic scheme can be described by tweakable polynomials over
GF(2), which contain both secret variables (e.g., key bits) and public variables (e.g., plaintext bits
or IV bits). The cryptanalyst is allowed to tweak the polynomials by choosing arbitrary values for
the public variables, and his goal is to solve the resultant system of polynomial equations in terms
of their common secret variables. In this paper we develop a new technique (called a cube attack)
for solving such tweakable polynomials, which is a major improvement over several previously
published attacks of the same type.

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Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/385 – Cube Attacks on Tweakable Black Box Polynomials.