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Kryptouppdateringar i Microsoft Windows

Windows krypteringMicrosoft meddelade för ett tag sedan att man avser att stärka krypteringen i Windows under perioden 2012-2013 och nedan kan du se några av förbättringarna som håller på att införas.

Många av dessa förändringar är redan inbyggda i Windows 8 samt Windows Server 2012 och är även nu åtgärdade för att fungera på äldre operativsystem.

Generellt så gäller förändringarna vilka krypteringsalgoritmer som används men även längden på nycklar.

Microsoft Security Advisory 2661254
This update set a mandatory key length for RSA keys of 1024 bits or stronger by restricting the use of certificates with RSA keys less than 1024 bits in length.

Microsoft Security Advisory 2813430
This update establishes functionality that enables consumers to update trusted and disallowed Certificate Trust Lists (CTL) in non-internet connected environments. CTL’s are a list of approved hashes or certificates approved by a trusted third party. This update allows customers more control in which parties they trust.

Microsoft Security Advisory 2862966
This update established a framework for managing asymmetric cryptography by adding features for monitoring and directly controlling which cryptographic algorithms are used (RSA, DSA or ECDSA), options to set minimum key length as well as to set which hashing algorithms will be permitted for code signing and other functions. All functionality is documented in detail on Microsoft TechNet.

Microsoft Security Advisory 2862973
This update released today as Downloadable Content (DLC) gives customers the option to restrict the use of certificates that utilize the MD5 hashing algorithm as part of their digital signature. We recommend that customers download and test the update in their environment at the earliest opportunity, this will be especially useful for environments that have little or no inventory of their cryptographic and certificate dependencies. This update will only affect MD5 as used in server authentication, code signing and time stamping. There are exceptions for certain certificates and timestamps, please see KB 2862973 for additional details. Microsoft is planning to release this update through Windows Update on February 11, 2014 after customers have a chance to assess the impact of this update and take necessary actions in their enterprise.