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Mitmproxy 0.7

Verktyget mitmproxy som används för att genomföra man-i-mitten attacker (man-in-the-middle) angrepp finns nu ute i en ny version. Verktyget kan exempelvis användas för att analysera trafik till och från datorer, iPhone, iPads eller andra enheter.

* New built-in key/value editor. This lets you interactively edit URL query
strings, headers and URL-encoded form data.
* Extend script API to allow duplication and replay of flows.
* API for easy manipulation of URL-encoded forms and query strings.
* Add ”D” shortcut in mitmproxy to duplicate a flow.
* Reverse proxy mode. In this mode mitmproxy acts as an HTTP server,
forwarding all traffic to a specified upstream server.
* UI improvements – use unicode characters to make GUI more compact,
improve spacing and layout throughout.
* Add support for filtering by HTTP method.
* Add the ability to specify an HTTP body size limit.
* Move to typed netstrings for serialization format – this makes 0.7
backwards-incompatible with serialized data from 0.6!
* Many minor bugfixes and improvements.

Här kan du ladda hem mitmproxy 0.7:

Här finnes en video med mitmproxy från YouTube: