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Skapa ett eget pass

Den tyska hackergruppen THC demonsterar hur de emulerar RFID-chippet i ditt pass:

THC skriver:

The government plans to use ePassports at Immigration and Border

Control. The information is electronically read from the Passport

and displayed to a Border Control Officer or used by an automated

setup. THC has discovered weaknesses in the system to (by)pass the

security checks. The detection of fake passport chips does not

work. Test setups do not raise alerts when a modified chip

is used. This enables an attacker to create a Passport with an

altered Picture, Name, DoB, Nationality and other credentials.

The manipulated information is displayed without any alarms going off.

The exploitation of this loophole is trivial and can be verified using


Regardless how good the intention of the government might have been, the

facts are that tested implementations of the ePassports Inspection System

are not secure.

ePassports give us a false sense of security: We are made to believe

that they make usemore secure. I’m afraid that’s not true: current

ePassport implementations don’t add security at all.